What You Should Know: 2020 Democratic Candidates




[update 9/13] see the results of the 3rd debate here

Sen. Michael Bennett

Currently Polling: < 1%

Home State: Colorado

Experience: U.S. Senator of Colorado (2009-). Former Chair of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (2015-2017). Superintendent of Denver, CO Public Schools (2005-2009).

Campaign Website: michaelbennet.com

Joe Biden, Jr.

Currently Polling: 30-31%

Home State: Delaware

Experience: Former Vice President (2009-2017). Former U.S. Senator of Delaware (1973-2009).

Campaign Website: joebiden.com

Sen. Cory Booker

Currently Polling: 2-3%

Home State: New Jersey

Experience: U.S. Senator of New Jersey (2013-). Former Mayor of Newark, NJ (2006-2013).

Campaign Website: corybooker.com

Gov. Steve Bullock

Currently Polling: ~0.5%

Home State: Montana

Experience: Governor of Montana (2013-). Former Attorney General of Montana (2009-2013).

Campaign Website: stevebullock.com

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Currently Polling: 6-8%

Home State: Indiana

Experience: Mayor of South Bend, IN (2013-). Lieutenant in U.S. Navy Reserve (2009-2017).

Campaign Website: peteforamerica.com

Julian Castro

Currently Polling: ~1%

Home State: Texas

Experience: Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2014-2017). Former Mayor of San Antonio, TX (2009-2014).

Campaign Website: julianforthefuture.com


John Delaney

Current Polling: < 1%

Home State: Maryland

Experience: Former U.S. Congressman of Maryland (2013-2019). Businessman (1993-2014).

Campaign Website: johndelaney.com

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Current Polling: ~1%

Home State: Hawaii

Experience: U.S. Representative of Hawaii (2013-). Major in Hawaii Army National Guard (2003-).

Campaign Website: tulsi2020.com

Sen. Kamala Harris

Current Polling:  5-7%

Home State: California

Experience: U.S. Senator of California (2017-). Former Attorney General of California (2011-2017).

Campaign Website: kamalaharris.org


Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Current Polling: 1-2%

Home State: Minnesota

Experience: U.S. Senator of Minnesota (2009-). County Attorney (1999-2007).

Campaign Website: amyklobuchar.com

Mayor Wayne Messam

Current Polling: < 0.1%

Home State: Florida

Experience: Mayor of Miramar, FL (2015-). Former Member of Miramar City Council (2011-2015).

Campaign Website: wayneforusa.com

Beto O’Rourke

Current Polling: ~ 3%

Home State: Texas

Experience: Former U.S. Representative of Texas (2013-2019). Former Member of El Paso City Council (2005-2011).

Campaign Website: betoorourke.com

Rep. Tim Ryan

Current Polling: < 0.5%

Home State: Ohio

Experience: U.S. Representative of Ohio (2003-). Former Member of Ohio Senate (2001-2002).

Campaign Website: timryanforamerica.com

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Current Polling: 15-18%

Home State: Vermont

Experience: U.S. Senator of Vermont (2007-). Former Vermont Representative (1991-2007).

Campaign Website: berniesanders.com

Tom Steyer

Current Polling: < 1%

Home State: New York

Experience: Founder of Farallon Capital, Hedge Fund Manager, Philanthropist.

Campaign Website: none at time of this post

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Current Polling: 18-22%

Home State: Massachusetts

Experience: U.S. Senator of Massachusetts (2013-). Law Professor (1977-2011).

Campaign Website: elizabethwarren.com

Marianne Williamson


Current Polling: ~0.5%

Home State: Texas

Experience: Author (A Return to Love, Healing the Soul of America). Founder of Project Angel Food. Co-Founder of Peace Alliance.

Campaign Website: marianne2020.com

Andrew Yang

Current Polling:  ~3%

Home State: New York

Experience: Founder and President of Venture for America (2011-). CEO Manhattan Prep (2006-2012).

Campaign Website: yang2020.com



Mayor De Blasio
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Mike Gravel
John Hickenlooper
Gov. Jay Inslee
Rep. Seth Moulton
Rep. Eric Swalwell

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