What You Should Know: 4th Democratic Primary Debates

[last update: 10/16/2019]

The 2020 Presidential Election is upon us. The road to election day (November 3, 2020) will be a long one indeed. In order to winnow the unprecedented 24 Democratic candidates, 12 primary debates will be held among this enormous field.

If you’re just joining the race now, check out my summary of the firstsecond, and third debates, which include the full transcript of each.

What Was Said?

You can watch the whole debate on CNN’s website or read the full transcript of the debate from the Washington Post.

When and Where?

The fourth Democratic Primary Debate will be held Tuesday, October 15th from 8:00pm11:00pm ET in Westerville, Ohio.

How to Watch?

The debates will be aired live on CNN. You will also be able stream the debates live from CNN.com and NYTimes.com as well as CNN’s app.

Who Qualified?

Since the last debate in September, 7 candidates have dropped out of the race. They include: Mayor Bill De Blasio, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Mike Gravel, John Hickenlooper,  Jay Inslee, Rep. Seth Moulton, and Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Of the remaining 17 candidates, 12 met the qualifications for the fourth debate. Candidates were required to have a minimum of 130,000 individual donors and have at least 2% support in four qualifying national polls. Those who met those requirements and will appear on stage include: 

Vice President Joe Biden

Sen. Cory Booker

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Julian Castro

Rep. Tusli Gabbard

Sen. Kamala Harris

Sen. Amy Kloubuchar

Beto O’Rourke

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Tom Steyer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Andrew Yang

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