Book Title Rebus Puzzles

Now that many of us have been working remotely due to the coronavirus for weeks now (a month in my case), we’re probably reaching the point where we’re running low on content to share on our library’s social media platforms. I’m here to help.

I’ve put together 21 book cover rebuses for your patron to try and solve. I’m posting 3 a day this week on our platforms, but feel free to use them however you like! What are rebuses, you say? A rebus (sometimes referred to as a “pictogram”) is a puzzle in which a phrase (or in this case the title of a popular book) is replaced with an image (or images) meant to represent the phrase or title.

So, here are my Book Title Rebuses! To reveal the title, simple highlight the between the brackets above each picture.

[on the road – jack kerouac]

[the cat in the hat – dr. seuss]

[the hunt for red october – tom clancy]

[to kill a mockingbird – harper lee]

[little fires everywhere – celeste ng]

[little women – louisa may alcott]

[One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest – ken kesey]


see 7 more rebuses!

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